segunda-feira, 15 de junho de 2015

The true meaning of Judgement.

I am here to say that judgement is not a bad thing at all and that to say judgement is bad is a hypocrisy, because the same statement used to say it is bad is a judgement itself, so the best thing we can do is to judge in impartial terms.
See, we always judge, we do this all the time, wether we like something or not, wether we will go to a place or not, whether we will eat something or not and so on, we use judgement as a filter in our daily lives, to filter what will be for the best or not.
All this confusion over the term judgement is getting things a little too chaotic in this earth, so please, if you are going to criticize judgement, if you are going to judge judgement, judge it based on whether or not it is impartial, whether or not it is based on reason or something else like jealousness and selfishness.

segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2015

Evolution is about necessity, not luxury.

Foreseen The Scene

Sometimes you don't seem to know what you want,
But sometimes you do act like you know it very well.

What are you? Are you a shadow? Are you a mirror?
Are you the night or the sky?

You feel sublime without a lie,
Never to sorrow in front of any demise.

Show me your kin, I can tell I've foreseen,
The vast numbers of your past, 
The pond from which you take your rest, 
No one else will know your nest.